Saturday, 18 February 2012

Holloway Smith Noir At If You Please

Holloway Smith Noir is the creative collaboration between sisters Alice Holloway-smith (technical prowess) and Sophie Holloway (va va voom). This formidable duo command a surprising depth of experience, despite their tender years; Alice began her pattern cutting apprenticeship at just 13 and since graduated Central Saint Martins (UAL) with BA Hons whilst Sophie conquered and quickly tired of a career in sales.

In 2010 they put their heads together, using contacts built up in the cabaret world to launch a brand that brings burlesque glamour to real women's bedrooms.

As a team they are quickly making their mark creating limited edition pieces of upcycled lingerie accessories and bespoke knickers. Holloway Smith Noir only uses the finest organic silks and vintage laces for minimum environmental impact and maximum wearer impact issues they care deeply about. Inspired by Weimar cabaret, Parisian junk shops and sapphic literature, they have created signature nipple adornments such as 'Deco Pasties' and 'Swarovski Tassels' (hypnotic sparkling tassels constructed entirely from crystals) as well as playful one offs like 'The Erkine' (a mock ermine merkin to celebrate the royal wedding).

Wear if you dare, but be warned; these dazzling pieces are destined to spark erotic imagination and kindle boudoir poetry.

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