Friday, 14 October 2011

Style it up Amy!

Our ace photographer and stylist Amy Atkins dug into the IYP wardrobe and pulled out a collection of retro pieces to use in a contemporary shoot with Britain's Next Top Model finalists Maddie Wheatley and Nell Nabarro. 

We have only just this minute seen the results and they look great! We love it when someone else gets full reign over what our lingerie's going to be styled like on a shoot. In this instance Amy has heavily accessorised with body jewellery, shoulder pads and head dresses and has even got Maddie to wear a What Katie Did Glamour Longline Bra as a skirt. 

The ridiculously cool accessories were all hand made too, swoooon! Designer Mariana Abella also crafts clothing, jewellery and recycled adornments all from scratch. We haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet but we'd sure love to. I could do with a few of her gorgeous wares in my personal collection.

More on the multi-talented Miss Atkins later (she's also a model and make up artist), for now we'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Models: Maddie Wheatley & Nell Nabarro
Make Up: Jessica Nurse
Nails - Nell Nabarro
Styling - Mariana Abella
Photography - Amy Atkins

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