Tuesday, 20 September 2011

If You Please Launches Swim-Ready Lingerie Range

If You Please Launches Swim-Ready Lingerie Range
Transitional Bodywear and Intimates 

Lingerie - arguably an item not meant to be seen, or worn, for a prolonged period of time. I mean, we hope to wear it for all of five minutes before someone rips us right out of it; surely that's the point...? No...?  

If You Please disagree. And that's why we have decided to bring to you a versatile collection of lingerie - not just for a quick sexy peek in the boudoir, but also as a glamorous evening-out ensemble with high waist denim, AND as swimwear for the beach!  

With an inspirational theme of influential women in music, our new range of transitional bodywear and lingerie comes in a mix and match of high waist and bandeau bikini styles, as well as the signature Joni bodysuit; with extra long fringing for you to swing your way onto the dance floor, Baywatch-style on the beach, or right into bed.  

Road tested by the If You Please team abroad and throughout the festival season, each piece has proved its longevity and suitability to many a situation. Designed to make a bold statement in shockingly bright neon, or even just creating a timelessly classical look in black and white Lycra, whilst simultaneously showing off a more sensuously sultry side in soft stretch lace, this brand new collection was made with all fashion-forward women in mind - so what are you waiting for?! 

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  1. I just love buying and wearing high waisted full briefs, especially if they have a retro look. I'm following your Tweets @if_you_please. My Twitter is @Panty_Buns - (lingerie aficionado).

    I'm afraid I do disagree about lingerie not being meant to be seen or not worn for prolonged periods. I wear mine almost around the clock and love modeling it on the internet.

    Fortunately, as you pointed out here, the lingerie above is beautiful enough to wear as swimwear to the beach! It's gorgeous.