Tuesday, 4 January 2011

If You Please at Vintage Vogue

We packed up our troubles in our old kit bags and set off for Brentwood for a fun packed day of 40's 'Vintage Vogueing'.

The Essex Vintage Vogue Fair is the original and largest vintage and retro fashion fair in Britain. It holds a fabulous and very affordable array of clothing, shoes, jewelery and homeware and is visited by fans from all over the UK. Unlike your city thrift stores the goods on offer seem to be of high quality, they've obviously been carefully selected by people who really know their stuff. We met some really great people, both customers and enthusiasts, all of which were ridiculously stylish! It was nice to meet lovely people who take the style of previous decades seriously and don't mind dressing up for the occasion.  

We’ll definitely be getting involved again. The next event is on Sunday 5th April. You can follow the link for more information. See you there!


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