Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Miss Dita Von Teese, If You Please

We tootled off to Erotica at Earls Court to catch up with some of our brands and have some proper girly fun. The day was eventful to say the least!

We saw some very talented artists such as whiskey-soaked, fire-breathin' Princess of British Burlesque, Kitty Bang Bang, for whom we'll soon be crafting some creative costumes. She did a brilliant 'cat in a wheelie bin' routine, which we very much approved of. 

I have to say that the highlight of the evening was meeting Miss Dita Von Teese, then watching her perform her hypnotising new Opium Dreams Routine on stage. Here's a picture of her and me, in which I look shiny and a little bit mental (I was quite star struck). 

And a shot of her fabulous performance.

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