Thursday, 22 March 2012

Yes Master Joins If You Please

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our first luxe lingerie range by Yes Master!

Yes Master is currently one of the most talked about luxury lingerie brands in the UK. Famous for their sensuous sculpting and beautiful and original prints, they always delivery collections that are on the forefront of fashion.

Since 2005, Yes Master has been developing a truly unique style of lingerie, launching their collection at London Fashion Week 2011. Their innovative collections transcend boudoir, define sensuality and excite with a playful sense of knowing.

Using powerful female figures as inspiration, especially from a woman's perspective, is one of the signatures of Yes Master. These heroines all share one thing in common - their love to wear beautiful lingerie with confidence and pride. Yes Master lingerie creates a distinctive outline that has sophisticated glamour with a contemporary sense of style. What's more, their fantastic size range spans from 30-38 B-FF!

This season designer Igor Pacemski showcases his 'Mexicana' collection, but stay tuned as there will be plenty where that came from!